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Chevy Dubauch
(future stud)

Coal 1.jpg

Coal (Our main stud)
Coal is the perfect size for most ppl. He has short legs which makes him appear smaller than his 6 lbs.


Little Lewie (Colby Lewis)

Here is another awesome stud with short legs that make him appear smaller than his 7 Lbs. He's a parti-color and it goes well with his temperament because he's super agreeable and fun !

King Louie 1.jpg

King Louie ( Grayson Louis )

We call him "King"  because he's our very first pom ever and is possibly the most adorably rotten pom out there!

( LOL!)

He was raised with DarLanna and  handles her rough love language with the best of temperaments. Their puppies are great for children and the elderly because they are of the larger sized poms.

(average 8-10Lb range) 

Hatchet 1.jpg

We recently lost Hatchett's mate, Laynee Ray due to a pregnancy issue in which the vet could not save her, nor her puppies....We were broken hearted as all of our breeders are our babies!
However, we have decided to not breed huskies anymore.
Our son, Brian isn't on board with us selling Hatchett, even though we have Adelle , our German shepherd house dog...
When asked which dog he loved the most, he said to me, "that's like if someone were to ask you which of your kids do you love most! "
Needless to say we're not gonna be selling Hatchett anytime soon. (lol!)


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