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Going Home...

When it's time for our fur babies to go to their new home and family. I am usually on the phone talking, texting and sharing these ideas with concerned puppy parents.
We thought it would be nice to share on our website with all of our viewers .

Happy Place.JPG

The Happy Place


In this space is everything your puppy will need to keep him/her safe and happy until he/she has made it through the pad training, teething and rough patches of puppyhood. That is everything but you and your love. We do not leave our babies in here 24/7 We go to them and bring them into our space all day long, but having this safe area is very valuable for when we are running errands, cleaning or busy in general. Here they have their bed, blanket, food ,water, toys and puppy pads. We hope this helps you to have a happy transition with your new fur baby!

Happy Place 2

Smaller place?  No problem, This works too!

Our TK loves his hanging ball and will show us he's wanting to play by tethering it all around. It's hilarious. We have his "Happy Place" right in the center of our living room where we can see him, talk to him and it works real well. He's very content to stay in there until we get him out. The key is to only respond to what you want more of. If we see him pottying on the pad, we cheer like it's the best thing happening all day ! lol. If he poops off the pad, we silently go clean it up. This works! How long do we use this ? Well, that all depends on the dog and our consistency to train him. The more patient we are, the better he will do. Once he's had his third round of vaccinations and can go outside, the game will change a bit... We will harness and leash him outside for potty breaks. We will still cheer him on when he goes, but we will keep the pad until we learn his "gotta go potty" language. Some dogs go through the chew everything stage, and some are worse than others!(lol) If he does, we will just put plenty of chewable toys in his happy place for him to enjoy. This makes puppyhood so easy and so much fun!

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