Mama Page
We have had people inquire about the temperament of our puppies...
Well, It's kind of  hard to tell when they are new born, but as they grow we do begin to get an idea. However, by this time they're usually already spoken for. So we thought it would be fun to share a a few things about their parents! I will say that as a whole, Pomeranians are super sweet and fun pets! While some are a little timid and reserved, others can be  outgoing, lovable and never meet a stranger. We hope you enjoy this page and "inside look" into the personalities of TK's Top Breeder Dogs...



Is our orange parti girl. She's sweet and a little timid.

Junebee 1.jpg

Is our bluemerle/ parti girl. She's very sweet, but is super protective of her babies! She held a grudge at Mr. Chris for a long time because he let some customers come into the nursery when she had just had newborn puppies. (lol!) For over a year, every time he'd wear his Papa hat, which he'd been wearing that day, she'd bark at him. It took a lot of sweet talking and assurance from him before she forgave him. (lol)

Mia 2.jpg


Is our chocolate pom.  She's super sweet and gets along well with others.

Jazzi 1.jpg


Is our Blue Merle Girl and she's our little dancer. She likes to twirl round and round, stop and twirl the opposite direction. 

Coco 1.jpg

Coco Chanel

Is our super sweet cream sable. She's just now getting old enough to breed. She's King Louie's baby sister and so Brian just had to have her! She's also about half K. Louie's size too! ( lol!)

Hazel 1.jpg


Is our Chocolate  Merle. I lovingly call her "Crazy Hazy", because she's a wide open energetic ball of happiness! She also has one blue eye and one brown. We have to put her babies in a box away from the door of her kennel, because she gets so excited when we come in that she will step all over her babies! She's not just a dancer, but she's a twirler! She likes to stand on her hind legs and twirl! (LOL!!!) She will usually deliver her babies without our help because unlike the other mamas , she is "crazy hazy" right up to delivery and shows no sign of slowing down...ever! (LOL!)

Sassy 1.jpg


Is our black and tan Parti Girl. She is as sweet as can be. She keeps her babies super clean, but is all business when it comes to her duties. Another Baby tried to sneak over for a  visit and she attacked it! (It was ok... Mr. Chris has fixed the patio to keep everybody safely on their side.) All is well that ends well. (lol)

Darlana 1.jpg


Is our fun and lovable red merle. She's sweet, but she  has just a bit of spiteful play in her. She likes to aggravate King Louie to which he don't know any thing but! LOL  They were raised together from pups. She has been known to grab him by his tail and drag him up the kennel steps backwards! (LoL!) As far as a mama , she's one of the best! Before Mr. Chris fixed the patio...we'd go out to find her not only feeding and caring for her precious babies, but she'd have a couple of Sophie's as well! I guess they were having a party and a few friends over for dinner. (LOL!)

Maggie 1.jpg


Is our Blue Merle Girl. She's actually  Juniebee's mama.


Mama Mia

Is our Chocolate Pom Mom. She's full of energy and ready to play! She's very good with her  babies. Nothing bothers her. She's super sweet.



Is our beloved 5 lb poodle . She's super sweet and full of energy! It's hard to get a picture of her cause she's all over the place. The reason my husband is holding her is she kept turning her head away and wouldn't let me get a good picture.


Is our precious 4 Lb future breeder. She's sweet as she can be and loves to play. She's just now getting old enough to breed.