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Meet Lenora!
This is my new/ not so new fur baby....
She's one of the puppies we raised, but she was so tiny it looked as though she would never be big enough to get her shots and go home. We took her to the vet and got the green light . Then, I told her mama she better come on and get her before I got so attached to her that I couldn't let her go. (lol)Long story short, due to some hospital and rehab health issues her human dad has been going through, her mama called us about 5 months later and asked if we wanted to buy her back, which we did!
She is now my fur baby and follows me all over the house! lol! 
I got her just a few weeks  before my birthday and believe she's a gift from God. She was born on my deceased  brothers birthday, and both of  her puppy parent's names are very dear to my heart, Sophie is my niece/ goddaughter and Cole  is my other brother's name. But what really makes me believe that she's a gift from God is how she adores me over everyone else in our home...even papa! (lol) Ya'll  know how precious these poms are and how they're lovable to everybody, but when they choose their person. you and everyone else knows it! 
I could go on and on , but I see I'm running out of space... lol!


All of our breeders are in the kennel with their family and the mate of our choosing at all time. When they go outside they can see the other dogs but they can only access the ones they share their kennel with. We do not force breed them. We just love them and care for their basic needs. They are all our pets and enjoy walks, four wheeler rides and spending time with us. When they feel spunky, they do what the Good Lord called them to do! Our kennels are air conditioned in the summer, with shop fans outside and heated in the winter. Their happiness is our top priority!

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