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TK Kennels has recently gone through some technical changes. Yahoo quit supporting the website builder we've been using for over 15 years! We paid for their design team to help us rebuild, but they wouldn't get back to us. Those of you who frequent our site know we are constantly updating things. So you know that this transition has ben torture for us! We waited as long as we could, but the wait is now over. This is TK"s new website ,,, This is us, making lemonade as sweet as we possibly can!

We are limited as to what we can add on our pages .We will certainly miss our stork,(LOL!)  We will do our best to make the most of it. We apologize to our past puppy customers, as we are not able to transfer files. However, you can still leave reviews on google, and we may be creating a new page with testimonials later on. Our layout may look a little different, but where it counts, we are still the same TK  Kennels you fell in love with .

We are still providing "Top Kare" to all our furry and non furry customers.

Be Blessed!

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Top Kare Kennels

TK Kennels has been in business and going strong for over 15 years ! We breed and sell Pomeranians ,poodles and huskies. Our company was founded by Tommy and Kim Howard of Grayson Louisiana. In July 2020 It was purchased and is now owned and operated by The Tyler family, of Olla Louisiana.

Here at TK our top priorities are to make sure that all of our dogs and puppies are happy, healthy, and comfortable. We know that we are successful in our endeavors by the wag of their tails, sparkle in their eyes and the smile on their little furry cheeks!  


Please call or text us with any questions you may have.

5255 Rosefield Rd


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Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday  9am - 7pm

 Sunday:2pm - 4pm