TK Kennels Welcomes You

Here at TK Kennels

(TOP KARE KENNELS) we breed toys!!!!

Pomeranians and toy poodles!

Most of our puppies will usually weigh 5 to 8 lbs full grown (sometimes smaller sometimes larger). 

King Louie & DarLanna's litters are the only exception. Their puppies are 9/10 ish lbs.

 Some of our elderly customers prefer the larger sized poms so that they're not underfoot and a trip hazard.

 We do not breed teacups! In fact, the term "tea cup" does not even exist as a legitimate registered breed! It is basically a runt from a small sized dog. 

We believe that happiness comes in all shapes, sizes and colors! For this reason we like to keep our focus on the health, care and happiness of all our animals!  If we can help you find that perfect fur baby, family member and best friend please give us a call, It's what we do best !

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Top Kare Kennels

What you're seeing here is our "main kennel house" This is where all our breeders stay. We also have a "mama house" where the mamas go when they get close to delivery, and a nursery inside our house where we deliver puppies and take care of them. Our top priority is to make sure that all of our dogs and puppies are happy, healthy, and comfortable. We know that we are successful in our endeavors by the wag of their tails, sparkle in their eyes and the smile on their little furry cheeks!  


You can view past puppies going to their new homes and other random pictures of us on our Instagram page.(amandatyler982)
Or... call / text us with any questions you may have. We are here for you !



Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday  9am - 7pm

 Sunday:2pm - 4pm

( Personal Visits are by appointment only.)

Call or text anytime during our operation hours.